Highwood Public Library Board of Trustees

Listed below are the trustees and the expiration year of their terms.  All terms expire in May.
Lucy Hospodarsky, President president(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2022
Laurie Lenzini, Vice-President vicepresident(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2020
Nora Loredo, Treasurer treasurer(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2020
Catherine Regalado, Secretary secretary(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2021
Bertha Chavez trustee1(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2022
Barbara Cizek trustee5(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2022
Diana Joren trustee6(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2020
Patricia Lenzini trustee3(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2021
Janell Cleland trustee2(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2021